Security at the Met or M in Warner Center Condos

February 28, 2010

Email from resident: thanks all.

I am appalled at the way I am treated by security at the Met. I have a parking issue as well. When I moved in some years back at the height of the housing market, I paid almost 1/2 mill for my condo because I could not even touch a house. For that kind of money I would expect the employees to be nice.

When I bought the place, here in woodland hills, we had 2 cars and a major concern was the tandem parking. It was not convenient for us (2 cars) to use it because we come and go at different times. I was assured by the sales rep at the Met that parking was a non issue and told that 1 car can be in the garage and 1 can park in front. We did just that until the rules changed and we were forced to park the cars tandem. After that I began working from home and not using my car daily because it was easier to just use the car in the back as to not have to shuffle cars around. To make a long story short, the car in the back was always used and the one in front was rarely used, because it was not convenient to move them around.

I began getting tickets daily on the front car. I contacted the HOA which told me I could not store a car on the property and to remove it if we only needed the one.  We are two people with 2 cars! if he is not here and I have an emergency I should have a car. I should not be told that I need to use it daily or risk it getting towed. We are not talking about a POS car. Its a car I still make payments on that is not used often due to convenience or inconvenience of tandem parking.

After another ticket and threat of towing for not using the car that day, I wanted to talk to security about it.  Upon leaving the lot I pulled over, got out and tried to talk to the two guards who just gave us another ticket minutes back. Here is what happened. What I am SO ANGRY over.

I parked, got out and said can I talk to you. There was a large white male and a shorter Hispanic one. I approached the Hispanic guard and said “I would like to talk about the ticket you just gave me”, the larger white guard walked around to the passenger side of my car and started looking in it with his flashlight, kinda like a cop would do. I said “what are you doing”, and approached him, he then said “step away from the car, ma’m” I don’t remember exact words, but it was along the lines of “I live here, I need to talk about a ticket and why the hell are you trying to search my car”. He replied with something like just making sure that no one is in the car, m’am. I was like like who cares who is in the car.  Then I got angry, I did say “I live here and pay your salary, Your job is to protect my property” or something like that. Then it got ugly.

The larger guy put his hand on his gun and said “calm down ma’m”. I got angrier and asked if he was seriously going to shoot me over parking. After that he ORDERED me to go home. Are you kidding me? I did take off because I was worried about some steroid freak with a gun falling off the deep end and shooting me. It’s outrageous! why do they need guns? Did I pay almost 500K to live in the Projects of a Ghetto? Why would anyone do that?

Now, I worry about it all the time, I know they have guns and some of them are amped up enough to maybe use them. This is a private community. We do not have gangs here or shootouts. I do not feel safe. What happens if someone does rub that guy the wrong way and it’s not a woman? Will he shoot him?

I hate living here but like most am so upside down. Just so you know where the attitude from the security comes from, my neighbor, after hearing my story started a dialect and asked them, the other assignments they have are in the “projects” and crime infested neighborhoods. The security guard my neighbor talked to said it “was a hard adjustment” and more boring for them.

How sad for us all!


The Met Swimming Pool

November 17, 2008

The Warner Center Condo Complex,The Met, closed the main pool down for 1/2 the summer to put a few cabanas in. Another instance of sales being far more important that the homebuyers who already live here.

A project that should have lasted a week or two took 2 months. The Sales staff and HOA blamed the long construction time on high temperatures and not being able to work in 90 degree California heat… I wish they would have thought of that before hand and did any pool service in the winter as most communities do.

BTW, these were unnecessary upgrades such as putting up “The Met” signage in front, cutting down bushes in the front and other things to make the pool look better for potential buyers. They cut down all the bushes on the front fence and removed all privacy from the street in order to make the pool more visible to potential buyers.

This week, right before all the major holidays, the met team, decide that the front visitor gate of the complex needs more signs and have closed down the front visitor gate until February, again, they couldn’t have picked a better time than holidays when most people have visitors over for thanksgiving and other family gatherings.

Actually, I can understand that move, the way things have been lately around here, you would most likely go elsewhere for the holidays rather than have your family deal with pay to park or your car gets towed situation here.

The Met in Warner Center becomes horrific

November 17, 2008

Warning! before you buy a home at the MET! The Land Company & Rent -a – cops they hired are out of control and turned what should be a nice place to live into a nightmare for everyone. This is my journal of how bad things are getting here.

Life at the Met is becoming more and more depressing by the day. I guess the housing market is slow and the company that still owns 1/2 the property needs to get paid anyway.

The Met is a condominium complex in Woodland Hills, CA, the Warner Center area and boasts of a great lifestyle and fair amenities. The problem is that once you actually buy the property, the HOA/Sales attitude changes and everything promised flies out the window in an attempt to make the property look high class.

Recently, they pretty much screwed everyone who was considered “blue collar”. They created a rule that banned anyone from parking a work truck or a vehicle that they use for work in their private parking or in the general parking.

Basically, if you work in construction or have any signage on your car promoting your business, you can not park it in the space that you pay thousands for in yearly property taxes. Now these people bought the homes before this new rule and now are screwed having nowhere to park and not being allowed to park in their private parking.

Looking for more money, they passed another rule that bans residents from parking in any general or visitor parking areas. That rule was passed one afternoon and that night before anyone even knew about it, they had between 50 and 60 cars towed that belonged to homeowners.

You see, the complex is only 1/2 sold and the private parking is tandem, so for years homeowners where used to parking out front instead since the general parking was mostly empty anyway and many times just more convenient and closer to the door.

When I moved in, I was assured there was plenty of parking all around and now a year later, they decide they do not want any “low class” looking cars. After the uprising over the towed cars, they decided that if someone really wanted to park in the ghost town of the huge general parking area in front it would cost them $100 per vehicle per month. They then decided a bicycle tax was also in order and demanded $25 monthly to have a bicycle.

But greed and parking are not the only issues at the Met at Warner Center… This blog will document the problems of this community.